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Membership is free, and you'll be part of one of the most knowledgeable and active groups of Corvair fans on the planet! Learn more about our members by surfing the Members Roster or the Scrapbook. Whether you're new to Corvairs or a veteran enthusiast, as a Virtual 'Vairs member, you are sure have fun, make new friends, and stir your Corvair passion to a fever pitch! Use the Member Services bar to access all areas.

Now available! Virtual 'Vairs T-Shirts

VV held a design contest for a T-shirt logo and had two winners. Tom Beech's logo, as seen in the upper left hand corner of these VV pages appears on the back, while Gary

VV t-shirt logo (front)

Aube's (seen here on an actual shirt) is printed on the front. The cost for these high quality T-shirts is only $11 U.S. + 15% for shipping and handling ($12.65 total). 

Mail a check or money order and a note clearly stating it's for a VV shirt to:

CORSA, P.O. Box 607, Lemont, IL 60439.  


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